Types of Chain Link Fences


Chain link fences are created of galvanized steel wires that are between the gauges of 11 and 9-inch in thickness. The steel wires are interlocked and woven into a side-sitting grid pattern that looks like links of a chain when viewed up close. Chain link fences are used by schools, homes, businesses and at sport parks. The features of the various types of chain link fences should be closely considered in order to purchase a fence type more suited to the fence's intended use.


  • Most types of chain link fences are comprised of the same basic parts. Differences in the types of chain link fences are usually determined by wire gauge, protective coatings on the fence, and sizes of the square or diamond shaped openings of the fence; the parts of the fence do not determine type. There are four basic fence parts: the framework, gates, fittings and fabric. The linked together sections of wire comprise the fabric of the chain link fence. The fabric is then strung between the frameworks and held into place with fittings. The framework also consists of large poles that must be grounded deep into the ground with concrete in order to hold the fence up in all circumstances. Fabric is also attached to frameworks with hinges; these pieces make the gates of the chain link fence.


  • Types of chain link fence may be classified by the gauge or thickness of the steel wires used to make up the fabric of the fence. Chain links come in gauges of 11, 10, and 9. The numbers run backwards, with the 11 gauge wire being thinner and less durable than the 10 gauge; the 9 gauge chain link fence wire is the thickest and most durable.


  • Different coatings are available to classify the chain link fence types. The coatings are designed to prevent the chain from rusting and also to give the chain link fence a different color. Zinc coatings are used to galvanize the chain link fences and additional coatings of vinyl or polyester are also used to color treat the chain link fences. Common color coatings of chain link fences are in green, black and brown.

Frame Durability

  • When purchasing a chain link fence for installation is it also important to purchase a type of fence frame that is durable for its uses. Light duty fence frames will distort under common occurrences like wind or light pulling by animals on chains or small children attempting to climb the fence.


  • The size of the chain link fence will also help to determine the type of chain link fence that is being installed. For golf courses or baseball diamonds, tall fences with small link sizes should be used to prevent balls from going over or though the chain link fence.

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