New York Theme Ideas

New York City is America's largest city. Home to more than eight million people, the city has an equally large home in the popular imagination. When creating an event centered around New York, many ideas come to mind. You may think of the city as the capital of fashion or home of shopping. You may think of traveling down in a taxi or underground train. There are dozens of ways to evoke New York. Here are just a few.

  1. Use Landmarks

    • Turn to the city's known landmarks. The New York City skyline is famous. Create a theme around the Empire State Building, the zig-zag prettiness of the Chrysler Building, the distinctive outline of the 42nd street public library and the gilded edges of Trump Tower. Draw outlines of these buildings around the walls of the event room with erasable markers. Create architecture-inspired centerpieces full of sharp-edged items.

    Feed the Imagination

    • Tap into the New York food scene. Serve flat pizza with thinly melted mozzarella cheese. Serve hot dogs New York style--boiled and topped with mustard and sauerkraut. Start with chicken matzo ball soup. Cook up pastrami and corned beef to make deli sandwiches. Serve with sour pickles and large Black and Whites--cookies that have chocolate icing on one half and vanilla on the other. Decorate the room with posters from famous New York restaurants such as the Second Avenue Deli, Le Bernardin and the Four Seasons.

    Get Arty

    • Celebrate television shows, movies and literature that have been set in New York. The television show "Rhoda," a spin-off of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show," was set in the Bronx. Purchase videotapes of the show and show it continuously. Woody Allen set many of his movies, such as "Hannah and Her Sisters," "Annie Hall" and "Radio Days," in New York. See how many lines people remember from the movies. Edith Wharton set many of her novels, including "The House of Mirth" and "The Age of Innocence," in Manhattan. Decorate a table lavishly to recall the many upper class meals described in her books.

    Go Shopping

    • New York City has long been renowned as a center of commerce. Some of the city's most famous stores include Macy's, Tiffany's and Bloomingdale's. Decorate walls with sale signs. Place little tags on each item in the room indicating how much it would retail for.

    Go Underground

    • Bring the subways indoors. The New York City subway is one of the world's most extensive. Many New York subway stations are numbered rather than lettered. Place boldly colored letters and numbers on each table to represent subway stations such as 34th Street. Designate different tables with the names of different subway stations such as Brighton Beach or Lexington Avenue.

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