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A Bar Mitzvah, one of the most important ceremonies for the Jewish people, welcomes a 13-year-old boy into his synagogue as a male adult. He is now considered old enough to don a prayer shawl and join other men for sacred prayers. Because this "coming of age" event is so important, many Jewish families hold special celebrations for the Bar Mitzvah youth and his friends. Often these parties have a theme chosen by the celebrant, with matching decorations. The centerpieces are an important addition because they introduce the theme to the guests and make the event festive. Most of these centerpieces you can do by yourself and at a low cost.

Sweet Tooth

  • With simple, low-cost glassware from a crafts store and bags of sweets, such as colorful M&Ms and jellybeans, you can make a centerpiece that is not only festive but edible. Put a candy-filled glass jar in the center of the table and surround it with lollipops stuck into a Styrofoam ring. Each person at the table receives a bag of favors, including wrapped candy bars and a small plastic spoon to scoop out the centerpiece candies. Before the kids begin to devour the sweets, ask them to guess the number of pieces in the jar. The winner of each table will go home with another special prize.

Movie Time

  • A red carpet can lead guests to their tables, where they will see a centerpiece based on a movie. On a cloth-covered or painted round Styrofoam base, you can put a movie popcorn box and soda, a scanned picture of the Bar Mitzvah boy's favorite celebrity and something from his favorite film. Each table can have a centerpiece with a different name and scene from the movie. For example, the centerpiece could be a "Harry Potter" broom or a "Star Wars" space ship. All guests get their own popcorn and movie snacks and depending on the budget of the celebration, a free ticket to a movie.


  • The centerpieces can include items related to the Bar Mitzvah celebrant's favorite sport or players or a scanned photo of him wearing his team uniform. A centerpiece for a tennis player, for example, could have a can of balls, a headband and small racket from a party store. Add blue ribbons and balloons to make it festive. A football theme could include a tall glass container from a crafts store filled with small foam footballs from a party shop. Add a scanned photo of the celebrant if he plays football or of his favorite team's players and logo. Cover the base of the centerpiece with AstroTurf from a garden or home supply store. Add other items, such as streamers, noisemakers or bullhorns.

Computer Works

  • If the birthday and Bar Mitzvah celebrant enjoys video and computer games, consider an electronics theme. Your centerpieces can include an arrangement of computer or video game items, such as CDs, mouse pads, game characters and even parts of computers from a local thrift store. Each table can feature a different game. Favors can be related items, such as CDs, DVDs or mouse pads. You can order personalized mouse pads either online or at a local photo shop.

Traditional Theme

  • Because a Bar Mitzvah is both a birthday and a religious celebration, many families want a traditional Jewish theme for the centerpiece. A blue Star of David, a scanned and enlarged photograph of the honored son, and white or blue candles can be arranged on a covered Styrofoam base. Flowers, balloons or streamers can add to the celebratory look. The Bar Mitzvah boy often donates money to a special organization or cause as part of his new role in life. This donation could be represented in the centerpiece.

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