Baby Shower Games for a Girl

Baby showers have an interesting history. Over time they have taken on specific themes, often dictated by gender. There is much to know about baby shower games for a girl that will benefit anyone who is preparing to host a baby shower. Baby shower games for a girl generally involve a lot of pink and purple colors as well as anything typical of infant girls. Shower games can add a lot of joy to the impending birth of a baby girl among parents, family and friends.

  1. History

    • In the past gifts were taken to new parents as an effort to help the family. They tended to be homemade items, including meals. There is no definite conclusion on when baby showers originated. However, it is possible that they took place as far back as the Roman and Egyptian times. As technology changed, so did baby showers. Parents began having baby showers before the birth of the baby because they knew the gender of the child before the birth, thanks to ultrasound technology. Most baby showers are still held before the birth because they help provide parents with necessary baby care items.


    • Baby showers often follow themes, mainly those aligned with gender. To go along with the themes games usually are played at a baby shower, many according to gender. Baby shower games for girls are created and played to celebrate what little girls represent, which is often femininity and anything pink and delicate. The games can also be played for humorous reasons or to provide gifts and prizes to the guests.


    • There are many games that can be played at a baby shower for a girl. Shower games tend to fall in general categories of games that are played for fun and games that serve a purpose, such as to provide the parents with baby care supplies. Fun games for girls include baby girl crossword puzzles and one in which participants finish the feminine nursery rhyme. Games that provide the parents with something useful include finding the safety pins in rice (feminine colors) and stuffing baby girl diapers in a big see-through container and having people guess how many diapers there are. The parents get to keep the pins and diapers, of course.


    • Baby shower games for girls help bring together friends and family that might not otherwise gather. Games also help create happy memories for everyone and add to the excitement of the arrival of the baby. One other aspect of baby shower games for girls is that the games keep the baby shower interesting and create an opportunity for the parents or hosts to give gifts to the guests as prizes or thank-you gifts.


    • In the past it was common for women to gather at a baby shower without the presence of men and children. However, men and children are now generally welcomed at these events and often enjoy playing baby shower games. It might be important to consider the abilities or interests of men and children when including games for girls at a baby shower. For example, some games might be too complicated for children and may need to be adjusted so that the younger guests can participate as well. One such game is the safety pin in the rice game, which is difficult for children to play because their fingers are smaller than adult fingers. For the benefit of everybody baby shower games should be played for fun, not for competition.

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