How Much Sun Do Knockout Roses Need?

Knock Out roses.
Knock Out roses.

Knock Out roses are a small family of hybridized shrub roses bred by Conrad-Pyle Co. to be low maintenance, cold and heat tolerant and at low risk for the insects and fungi that often plague roses. They are cold hardy in USDA zones 5 through 11, heat and humidity tolerant and strong performers in any region where the winter temperatures remain above 0 degrees F.

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Daily Sun Requirement

All of the eight varietals of Knock Out roses require a bare minimum of five to six hours of full sun exposure each day. The roses can tolerate a small amount of daily shade, but it isn't an optimal situation; the more sun your Knock Out roses get, the better their health and profusion of bloom.

Additional Environmental Requirements

Knock Out roses thrive in a balanced soil with a neutral pH that is neither acidic or alkaline and hovers around 7. While Knock Outs were bred to grow and bloom well without fertilizer, their performance can be elevated with the application of a balanced fertilizer or rose formula. Wait until after the first blooming session after planting before applying any fertilizer to allow the roots to establish themselves, and make sure to water the roses well before applying any fertilizer.


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