White Bird of Paradise Plant Care

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The white Bird of Paradise is also known as the crane flower or the Nicolai. The Bird of Paradise flower comes in many colors and looks like a bird in flight, thus the name. They grow well outdoors in the warmer climates of California and Florida, but make a lovely indoor houseplant as well. They do not tolerate temperatures below 24 F. This plant will grow to heights of 3 to 5 feet.

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Plant your white Bird of Paradise in fertile soil and allow for good drainage. The upper portion of the root ball should be even with the soil line in the pot.

Sun Requirements

The white Bird of Paradise needs partial sun for full blooms and a good height. Although they will grow in full sun, the blooms and plant will be smaller.


During the first six months, the soil needs proper moisture--do not allow it to become too dry or too soggy. During the warm summer months, water it regularly. During the winter months, allow the soil to become almost dry between watering.


Fertilize the white Bird of Paradise every three months during the warm growing season. Organic fertilizers or commercial products can be used. The plant will not bloom until it is a few years old, but a healthy older plant can have many blooming each year and the blooms, when cut for floral arrangements, last up to two weeks.


Avoid letting dead leaves and blooms stay on the plant. Remove them to discourage growth of fungus and to keep the beautiful appearance of this tropical plant.

Pests and Disease

Pests are usually not a problem with the white Bird of Paradise plant. If you do encounter problems with caterpillars, aphids, scales or leaf spot disease, commercial products will easily rid the plant of the problems.


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