What You Need to Spray Grass Green

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Spraying grass green is an alternative solution to planting new grass seed or laying sod. It is relatively easy to do, and you don't need very many supplies to do it. Most people do not need to hire a contractor to spray their grass green. Though it may not be the best long-term solution for keeping your lawn green at all times, it is a quick fix for problem spots on your lawn.

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The spray that you need is actually a dye, which is why spraying grass green is not a long-term solution. There are several different brands of dye for grass available, but many are made of the same kind of pigment. Many dyes for grass are harmless to people and pets. You mix the dye with water according to the instructions on the label. For most products, you mix more water in for a lighter green color and less water for a darker green color, and the goal is to match the dye as closely as possible with your grass so that it looks natural. According to BugSpray.com, the dye washes away in four to eight weeks on most lawns.


Once you mix the dye to match your grass, you will probably want a sprayer to apply it to your lawn. Sprayers provide the most even application, which will help the dye to look most natural. According to a story by the Denver News Channel, you will need a 10-gallon hose sprayer for most jobs, which you can buy at lawn and garden stores.

Before you spray the dye onto your lawn, be sure that the ground is dry so that the dye will adhere properly to the grass. You shouldn't attempt to spray your lawn green after a rain or during the morning hours, when grass is dewy. Spray the dye onto the lawn in long, even strokes, making sure not to overlap or leave gaps between sprays, which will either make the dye go on too dark or let the ground show through the dye, producing a splotchy effect.


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