Step-by-Step Glitter Tips

Glitter adds a sparkle to hand-made projects. An artistic crafter can use glitter to create or decorate many types of crafts including cards and ornaments. Tape, glitter glue and craft glue can be used to adhere glitter on to paper, glass, papier mache, plastic or smooth wood projects. Glitter can be used by children or adults using step-by-step instructions. Excess glitter can be collected, saved and returned to the original storage container for more projects.

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Brush and Sprinkle

Large objects have an entirely different appearance when they are covered with glitter. Recycle an older Christmas ornament, artificial fruit or papier mache Halloween pumpkin with glitter. Coat the object entirely with white tacky glue and a sponge brush. Hold the object over a piece of paper while you shake glitter directly from the container on to it. Set the object on to a piece of freezer paper or non-stick surface and allow it to dry thoroughly. Pour the excess glitter from the paper back into the container. Gently brush excess glitter from the object when it is dry.


Give glass ornaments, jars, vases, wooden projects and metal containers sparkle with glitter. Cut strips of double sided adhesive tape horizontally, vertically or in designs and apply it to the item after peeling off the bottom protective paper. Peel away the top layer of protective paper or plastic to expose the adhesive. Hold the item over a piece of paper or tray. Sprinkle one or more colors of glitter on to the sticky area of the project. Clean up after each color has been used to make sure that you can save each unused portion of excess glitter. The double-sided tape works well for quick-set projects. Gently tap the object to remove excess glitter.

Direct Glue

Apply glue directly to an item such as a handmade greeting card, paper or wood craft. The small tip on the glue bottle will enable a person to draw a design or write a word on to the project. Hold the item over a sheet of paper or a glitter tray that has a spout on one end of the rectangular shape. Glued projects need to be set aside for a few hours to dry thoroughly. Pour the excess glitter back into the container for another project.

Glitter Glue

Glitter glue can be applied to many types of surfaces. Glitter is added to an adhesive and contained in a pen or bottle and sold in a variety of colors. The container is held in the hand and directly applied to the project surface. A picture can be drawn and filled in with a glitter pen for a decorative card or wall hanging. The item must be set aside to dry. As the glue dries the glitter will begin to show.

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