Where to Place the Fixture for Outside Garage Lighting

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Lighting on the outside of your driveway is not only there to help you see at night and to show off the remodeling job you just did on the exterior of your house, it also helps you to stay safe at night when coming to and going from your garage. Not only should you be concerned about home security when you light up your garage, you should also be concerned with someone being able to see you should you slip and fall or some other crisis may occur and no one else is around.

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Entrance Door

If your garage is not attached to your house, then you will want to put flood lights on the entrance door. It also would be helpful to install your door light with motion detectors so that they can be activated without you having to fumble in the dark for a light switch. Place your door lights high enough where they will not be in the way when you bring items in and out of the garage, but within reach of a ladder so you can safely change the bulbs. Make sure that the lighting illuminates the doorway and everything within at least a 6- or 7-foot diameter of the door. You want to be able to see the things that are in your way, and have time to react if someone is coming towards you.

Garage Door

It is sometimes assumed that because you have headlights on your car that lights over the garage door itself are not necessary. While your headlights may help show you where the garage door itself is, you will need overhead lights to help you find your way around the interior of your car at night. Exterior lights over the garage door also can help to light up the items in the driveway that could pose a problem, but do not show up in the beam of your headlights. Put these garage door lights on motion detectors as well to avoid having to get out of the car in inclement weather to activate the lights.


One of the parts of a garage that can sometimes go overlooked is the walkway from the garage to the house. This kind of lighting can be a bit more decorative, and help to illuminate the path to the house so that you do not trip over anything or slip on ice that may otherwise go unseen. Use garage pathway lighting to accent some of the other areas of your backyard and always remember to turn pathway lighting on before you leave the house so that it is on when you return in the dark. You also could put this lighting on a timer to save energy.


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