Italian Craft Projects for Kids

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Crafts are an excellent way to introduce other cultures to children. From pizza and pasta to stained glass and mosaic art, America has embraced many aspects of Italian culture, and Italy's rich cultural heritage lends itself to many craft-making opportunities. Inexpensive and easy, the following crafts can give both children and adults a better sense of appreciation for all things Italian.


Pizza Game

Create this game, styled after the Italians' favorite pie, and teach children about the origins of pizza. Use colored paper and card stock to create a round pizza game board split into four slices. Cut out topping pieces such as cheese, pepper, onion, tomato, pepperoni, olives, (10 to 12 game pieces each) and one anchovy. Create a spinner that is divided into sections that correlate with each topping. Players spin to gain points with each topping for their slice. Land on anchovy and you lose all your toppings and have to start from zero. Play until all toppings run out. Player with the highest score wins.


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Stained Glass Window

Create beautiful (unbreakable) stained glass windows to illustrate those found in the majestic cathedrals of Italy. Cut shapes or a pattern out of black construction paper, making sure to leave space between cuts. Glue or tape different colored pieces of tissue paper to the backside of the construction paper, covering all of the holes. Hang the stained glass in a window where sunlight can illuminate the colors.


Colored Pasta Crafts

Create colored pasta for a fun and versatile craft project. Prepare the colored pasta by mixing several drops of food coloring with 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/2 pound of pasta (any shape) in a sealable plastic bag. Shake the pasta in the bag to spread the color evenly. Let the pasta lay out and dry completely on wax paper. Dye penne pasta red, green and white, and glue them on paper to form the Italian flag.



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