What Color to Wear for a Test

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Colors are believed to have the ability to influence our emotions, our actions and the way we deal with people, things and ideas. Because every color has its own individual meaning and can create different feelings and emotions, the color you choose to wear when you have to take a test depends on what you personally need. Picking blue, green or yellow or a combination of all three will give you the effect you need to succeed in the test-taking situation.



Blue reminds us of the sky and the ocean and when asked, most people pick blue as their favorite color. In addition, blue brings out the feelings of trustworthiness, dependability and commitment when worn or seen. In a test-taking situation, wearing something blue can bring out the feeling of restfulness and therefore cause your body to produce chemicals that calm you down. This is important and useful if you feel nervous in test situations or if you are nervous about doing well. Wearing something blue can also aid intuition that can help you to pick the correct multiple choice answer.


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After blue, people pick green most often as their favorite color. Green is often used as part of interior design because human eyes are so used to seeing it around them as the color of trees, grass and other things in nature.


Because green is a mix of blue and yellow, it shares many of the meanings of both blue and yellow. Like the color blue, wearing something green for a test has a soothing effect and can create the feeling of relaxation both mentally and physically. This can alleviate your nervousness and help you to concentrate better. In addition, wearing green helps to minimize anxiety and increases your ability to attain self-control and harmony.



Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism and enlightenment. Wearing something yellow for a test-taking situation does not only make you feel happier, more optimistic and filled with positive energy, but also makes your fellow test-takers experience these positive feelings.


In addition to stimulating you mentally, the color yellow also stimulates your nervous system. Wearing something yellow can therefore help you to stay alert. The color yellow also activates your memory, so wear something yellow when you are studying to help you better remember the material, then continue to wear yellow during the test to have an easier time remembering what you've studied.


In addition, wearing yellow can help you to think creatively, which will be helpful if your test will require some out-of-the-box thinking from you.



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