What Is the Best Color of Metal Roofing?

Modern metal roofs are made to last—no color fading, rusting, or chalking if the right paints and protective finishes are used. Metal roof colors should retain their original bright and glossy finish. The best metal roofing includes warranties and guarantees for the materials used, including the paint and color. Color choices may vary slightly between the different styles of metal roofing: standing seam, panel and look-alikes (metal made to look like tile, slate or cedar shingles).

Metal roof.
Metal roof. (Image: Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

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Cool Costs

Use a light-colored metal roof to reflect heat away from the building. Darker colors absorb heat. Look for colors that are Energy Star rated. The Energy Star rating is part of a government program that identifies products that assist homeowners and businesses in lowering their energy expenditures. Energy Star roof colors are not restricted to white and beige. Colors can include a variety of contemporary brown shades, brick reds and ivy greens. Always request a metal color sample from the manufacturer before purchasing online or from a color chart. Use the sample to match the roof color with the rest of the home's finishes.

Light colored roof.
Light colored roof. (Image: Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

Marketing Colors

The right color metal roof can be used as a marketing tool when applied to commercial buildings. Bright blues, yellows, greens and reds can become visual landmarks for existing and potential customers. Include the roof color as part of an advertising campaign or as a simple reminder, “Look for the bright blue roof” on a business card or other collateral materials. Choose a color for the metal roof that is repeated in a logo, signage or business stationery.

Golden roof.
Golden roof. (Image: Aleksandr_Kendenkov/iStock/Getty Images)


Home owners and commercial management companies can request custom colors for metal roofs. Custom colors may be required on homes and buildings designed to represent a particular architectural or design style or era. They can also be used to match exterior color palettes. Request the same protective coatings that allow for easy maintenance on standard metal roof materials. Use paint samples to identify the needed roof color. Place the samples with the other colors found on the exterior to make a final metal roof color choice.

Custom roof installation.
Custom roof installation. (Image: Günther Blumenstock/iStock/Getty Images)


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