Tick Removal With Soap

Ticks can be troublesome insects that feed off warm-blooded mammals. This includes both animals and humans, making it important to act quickly when a tick comes into contact with yourself or your animal. Ticks can sometimes carry Lyme disease as well as other bacteria, so it is important to kill ticks as quickly as possible.

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Removing Ticks with Soap

Ticks can easily be removed by using liquid dish soap. When you place a thick layer over the tick, it will cut off air supply, thereby smothering the tick. It will quickly detach from the surface, so keep a cotton ball or tissue over the soap to grab the tick when it removes itself. Then, flush the tick and cotton or tissue down the toilet to be sure it will not survive. This is an easy, inexpensive way to remove ticks by using a simple household ingredient that will almost always be on hand when a tick needs to be removed.

Other Tick Removal Options

There are also a few other inexpensive options for tick removal. Rubbing alcohol is one ingredient that is also on hand in most homes. Use the regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol that is kept in the medicine cabinet for healing cuts and scrapes. Soak a cotton ball or tissue in the alcohol, then place over the tick. This will kill the tick on contact, and the tick will quickly remove itself, ultimately sticking to the tissue or cotton ball, which can then be flushed down the toilet.

Petroleum jelly will also smother a tick. Smear the affected area with a thick layer of petroleum jelly, then grab with a cotton ball or tissue and flush down the toilet. This is another easy way to get rid of ticks by using an item that's on hand in most homes.

A hot match will also draw a tick out from the skin. Light a match, blow it out, then place the hot match as close to the skin as possible. The heat will force the tick out, at which time you can grab with a tissue and flush down the toilet.

Always wash hands thoroughly after handling a tick, and also make sure to always dispose of the tick by flushing down a toilet, as crushing and throwing the tick away may not always mean the tick is dead. If it's not, it could attack again.


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