Homemade Police Costumes

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Pulling together a homemade police officer costume is ideal for Halloween or your next costume party. It's also an easily pulled together costume for a child.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark blue pants or skirt

  • Long sleeve white T-shirt

  • Tight-fitting black or dark blue T-shirt

  • White fabric paint

  • Empty six pack ring

  • White fabric paint

  • Belt

  • Empty paper towel tube

  • Grey duct tape

  • Aluminum foil

  • Glue

  • Dark shoes

  • Plain dark ball cap

  • Cardboard

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Sunglasses

  • Toy accessories (badge, gun, handcuffs, baton)

Step 1: Create the Bulletproof Vest

Carefully cut the sleeves away from the small dark T-shirt. Set out on a work space. Using the white fabric marker, paint the word "POLICE" in large block letters across the front of the vest. Set aside to dry.


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Step 2: Create the Accessories

Depending on which accessories you have on hand or are able to buy at a dollar or toy store, plan to make the other accessories.

Handcuffs- cut four of the rings away from the six pack ring. Wrap duct tape tightly around the other two rings creating handcuffs. Fold a piece of 4-inch duct tape in half, sticky side together. Insert this piece through one of the handcuff rings and then around the belt. Use another piece of duct tape to tape the end of the loop closed.


Baton- Use your scissors to poke a hole straight through the paper towel tube 1-2 inches from the end. As above, fold a 6-inch piece of duct tape in half, sticky side together. Fold in half again and wrap duct tape around the length of this piece, creating a duct tape thong to hang your baton on. Thread this piece through the hole you created. Now duct tape over the two open ends of the baton and wrap pieces around it from top to bottom. You'll have to put a lengthwise piece in where the holes are to cover that area up. Cover as much as you want. Put the 6 inch thong around the belt and attach the ends.


Badge- Choose a shape for your police badge. Cut two from cardboard and cover in duct tape or aluminum foil. Alternatively if you have more time, paint your badge. Use marker to write on the badge. Try adding 'police' and 'the city of...' One of these badges is to carry in your pocket. The other is for the hat.


Rank shield- If you would like to show your rank as a police officer, create another shield to attach to your sleeve based on the following chart.

Hat- Attach one of the two badges you created to the middle of your hat. Use glue or tape.


Step 3: Pull the Costume Together

Put on the dark pants and long sleeve white T-shirt. Pull on the bulletproof vest. Strap the belt around your waist. Put on dark shoes and hat. Now you are a police officer.


Try this costume idea with a skirt for a female police officer.



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