DIY Closet Organizer

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A well-organized closet can maximize your home storage space, keep your clothing neat and even allow you more space in your bedroom. Having a closet organizer professionally installed is quite expensive and may be out of budget for many families. You can install or build your own DIY closet organizer using a ready-made kit, closet organizer system components or board lumber and supplies. Smart planning and simple construction make the best closet organizer.

Planning Your DIY Organizer

Choose the material you plan to use. You have three basic options for your organizer components: covered wire, MDF or real wood. Plastic-coated wire is typically the most affordable of these. Carefully measure your closet and consider how you want to organize the space. A typical configuration includes an area hung with two rods to maximize hanging space, hanging space for longer garments, drawers, shelving for sweaters and shoe racks.

To Kit or Not to Kit

Purchasing a premade kit can reduce your planning needs and provides all the hardware and materials you require. Closet organizer kits are available at home improvement centers, specialty shops and online retailers. Be sure to choose one that you feel confident in your ability to install and that includes the components you need. Some kit manufacturers offer the individual pieces and elements of the kit separately. This can allow you to expand upon a kit or design your own closet using their products.

Building from Scratch

If you have some carpentry skills, you may want to build your closet organizer using board lumber, plywood or MDF from your local lumber yard. Draw out your plans, including careful measurements, before you purchase your supplies. Stain or finish your wood after cutting, but before construction. You can build shelving units in your workshop and install them or opt for an adjustable shelving track system. Making your shelves adjustable can add to the versatility of your closet organizer. Add baskets or canvas bins in place of drawers to hold smaller items.