Foil Fencing

Foil fencing is a complex fencing sport that utilizes the properties of a foil blade. Learn more about fencing with tips from a fencing coach in this free video series on foil fencing.

Series Summary

Fencing is the art of swordsmanship. It has developed into a competitive sport, being one of four sports featured at each of the modern Olympic Games. Protective fencing gear consists of masks, gloves, breeches and plastron. Typically made of tough cotton, nylon, and Kevlar, the full-body padding is very protective and cannot easily be punctured. Sabre fencing uses right-of-way like foil fencing, but points can be scored with the edge of the blade. This follows from the original design of sabres as edged swords, whereas the rapiers which led to foil fencing were usually pointed, thrusting blades. In this free video series on foil fencing, a fencing coach Gerry Duran discusses the intricate sport of foil fencing. Duran explains the importance of footwork and balance. He then demonstrates how to effectively attack and elude an opponent with regard to the rules of priority. Later, Duran discusses fencing safety and the electronic scoring system. Watch these free videos and learn more about foil fencing today.

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