How to Make Cornish Game Hen with Blackberry Sauce

Learn how to cook Cornish game hen with blackberry sauce from an expert goodie in this free recipe video series.

Series Summary

To put it quite simply, a Cornish game hen is a baby chicken. While sometimes they are referred to as game hen or Cornish rock, this type of chicken is crossbred between the Cornish chicken and another breed of chicken. The breed was discovered by a 1950 farmer who thought to make the most out of his variety of chickens. These chickens are usually harvested between four to six weeks. Even though the word “hen” is used to describe these chickens, Cornish game hens can be both male and female. Sure, some may be skeptical to eat a baby chicken. However, Cornish game hens are a delicious white meat. According to the USDA standards for poultry, game hens must be under two pounds.

If you are interested in making Cornish game hen, this video series is perfect for you. Our expert chef, Mark Alyn, shows you how make Cornish game hens with a blackberry sauce. Learn how to prepare and clean the hens. Also, Mark gives you tips for the perfect seasonings. Mark grills his hens, and then he places them in a homemade blackberry sauce. This recipe will sure to amaze. So, take some time, and learn how to cook Cornish game hens today!

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