Herbal Alternative Medicine

Herbal alternative treatments for common ailments can improve the overall well-being and quality of life for anyone. Learn to use herbs, instead of prescription drugs, for toothaches, weight loss, gum disease and psoriasis with this free video series on alternative medicine from a wellness consultant.

Series Summary

People are becoming increasingly wary of western medicine. And, unfortunately, there is good reason. In today's world, a pill seems to be the answer to everything. Doctors are over prescribing drugs all the time. Who knows what the long term effects are of taking prescription drugs? We all hear the horrendous side effects on the commercials. It makes even the safest drug seem terrifying. So, the populace is shifting. Now, we are becoming increasingly interested in alternative, holistic medicine. Through the use of natural herbs, people are finding healing without a trip to the doctor's office. In this free video series on alternative medicine, a wellness consultant discusses several herbal remedies for common ailments. Find out how to treat gum disease, scalp psoriasis and a toothache using common herbs that are readily available. Stop heavy menstrual bleeding and find an herbal replacement for Viagra using completely natural ingredients. Improve wellness and quality of life with herbal and dietary supplements for overall well-being.

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