How to Build a Skateboard

Got some wood, wheels and spare skateboard parts sitting around? Learn how to build a skateboard with tips from an avid skateboarder in this free video series on skateboards.

Series Summary

The development of skateboarding coincides with the popularization of surfing in California around the 1950's. Since that time, skateboarding has seen many rises and falls in popularity, with several generations of young skaters developing the sport and their own skateboarding tricks and techniques. The current generation of skateboarders is more accepted and less rebellious than previous generations, and often skate on city built skate parks designed for a variety of skateboarding tricks. In this free video series on building a skateboard, let an avid skateboarder explain the simple process of assembling a skateboard. First, learn about the necessary tools and equipment, selecting a deck, wheels and bearings and how to grip a deck. Next, he discusses how to put the bearings in the wheels, put the wheels on the trucks and check the completed skateboard. Before heading out to ride, he finally goes over safety ideas like selecting a helmet, keeping a skateboard clean, riding smooth and how to use a skate key to make minor adjustments.

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