Infant Nutritional Care

Infants need the proper nutrition in order to develop into happy, healthy children. Learn some simple parenting tips to ensure that baby is receiving the proper nutrition, such as freezing breast milk, introducing solid foods and sanitizing baby bottle nipples, in this free video series from an experienced childcare provider on infant care.

Series Summary

Early childhood is a special time for both kids and parents. It is widely held that during the first few years of a person’s life, some of the most important physical and emotional aspects of development are set in place. Young children are dependent upon their mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles or grandparents to meet their needs during this time. To grow into healthy, happy adults, kids require many things, including safe surroundings, a good diet, peer interaction and a variety of experiences. Everyone knows that a healthy child begins with a healthy diet. In this free video series, get some nutritional information for an infant. Andrea Orta Mashburn is an experienced childcare provider. She offers advice for the new mother. For instance, learn how to increase breast milk production. Also, find out how to store and freeze breast milk. Curious about how to help a breast-fed baby gain weight? Learn how a mother's diet can play a part in baby's nutrition. Don't know when to start feeding a baby solid foods? Hear advice for when and how to introduce a baby to solid foods. So, take a moment, and improve a baby's nutrition today!

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