Water Sports

Water sports are the epitome of summertime fun on the lake, in the river or at the beach. Learn about water skiing and wakeboarding in this free video series on water sports.

Series Summary

Water sports are a series of extreme sports involving skis, wakeboards and motorboats where enthusiasts can demonstrate flips, turns and tricks. Including water skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and surfing, water sports usually include a person atop one or two skis or boards being pulled by a boat across the surface of the water. Requiring both upper and lower body strength, balance and control, water sports are difficult to master but are found in both the competitive and recreational fields. In this free video series on water sports, a water skiing instructor discusses several aspects of these summertime activities. Learn to water ski and wakeboard, and find out how to master simple tricks that require balance and proper body positioning. Also, get tips on purchasing and driving a boat for both skiing and wakeboarding. Learn some new tricks this summer from water sports specialists.

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