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Natural health and hygiene is a safe way to treat various pains and irritations found all throughout the body. Learn several productive ways to treat infections, remove unwanted stains, kill acne and whiten teeth with tips from a natural healing specialist in this free video series on health.

Series Summary

People are becoming increasingly wary of western medicine. And, unfortunately, there is good reason. In today's world, a pill seems to be the answer to everything. Almost every drug commercial warns of the horrendous side effects, which range from nausea to potential death. It makes even the safest drug seem terrifying. So, the populace is shifting. Now, people are becoming increasingly interested in alternative, holistic medicine. Through the use of natural herbs, individuals are finding healing without a trip to the doctor's office. In this free video series on health, natural healing specialist Lauren Roy discusses several topics related to natural health and hygiene. Roy begins by explaining how to treat a yeast infection, remove unwanted stains, reduce redness and remove calluses. She explains how to use various items to dye fabrics, relieve menstrual cramps, cure constipation, kill acne, increase breast milk and treat stomach aches. Watch these free videos and learn several natural remedies for solving treating various pains found throughout the body today.

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  • How to Make Homemade Natural Candles

    Make homemade natural candles by using vegetable-based wax, a container, a wick and some essential oils for relaxation. Create different aromatherapy experiences with tips from a natural healing specialist in… Read More

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