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Home remedies for colds, coughs, dry eyes and fevers can help keep a family healthy without needless trips to the doctor or hospital. Stay healthy as a nurse answers frequently asked questions in this free video series about general health.

Series Summary

A healthy body should be a top priority is everyone's life, no matter your age or physical state. Keeping healthy means exercising, eating right and monitoring health with yearly physicals and through home health monitors. Avoiding unhealthy habits, such as smoking or eating poorly, can improve general health and long-term health issues. Home remedies and basic health knowledge also play roles in keeping a family free from too many trips to the hospital or doctor's office, high medical bills and repeated accidents. In this free video series on family health facts and home remedies, a licensed nurse explains a variety of general health information. Learn some fast tips for getting rid of a cold, reducing a fever quickly, stopping bleeding, blowing your nose, helping a constipated child and more. Viewers get real health facts from a nurse about easing a cough, curing dry eyes and upset stomachs, preventing urinary tract infections and other general health questions many people have.

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  • How to Blow Your Nose

    Learning how to blow your nose seems easy, but remember to clear one nostril at a time, use a fresh, regular tissue and always wash your hands. Blow your nose… Read More

  • How to Get Rid of a Cold in a Day

    Getting rid of a cold in a day is tricky, so try increasing vitamin C intake, drinking lots of fluid, getting good amounts of rest and possibly seeing a pharmacist… Read More

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