Computer Upgrades & Repairs

A computer is a complex and sophisticated machine that manipulates data according to a list of instructions. Learn to upgrade and repair a computer with tips from a computer specialist in this free video series on computers.

Series Summary

Computers are complex machines built upon very simple principles. They perform arithmetical operations millions of times over to transform digital information moving at lightning speed into usable human data. A personal computer's job is to help a user create, manipulate, deliver, receive or delete media content. This is a simple, sterile definition that sounds uninteresting on the surface. Nevertheless, these fundamental functions mimic human ability in some surprising ways. Therefore, the computer is increasingly becoming an engine of the imagination, a platform for the digital life. In this free video series on computers, computer specialist James MacGregor demonstrates several tips for upgrading and repairing computers. MacGregor explains how to add a second hard drive, change a hard drive, buy RAM, add memory, buy a motherboard, choose an external hard drive and even how to buy a printer cable. These steps are important for maintaining and enhancing the components of a particular computer. MacGregor also discusses other computer topics, such as: how to clean an Inkjet printer, pinter heads, a CD-ROM drive, a keyboard and even how to clean up laptop spills. Watch these free videos and learn to upgrade and repair a computer today.

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