Martial Arts Warrior Training

Warrior training is a combination of many different types of martial arts and is intended to strengthen and promote resilience. Practice martial arts warrior training with tips from a martial arts instructor in this free video series on physical and mental conditioning.

Series Summary

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) kickboxing, normally associated with cage fighting, blends many different fighting forms, including Muay Thai kickboxing, judo, Brazilian jiujitsu, boxing and wrestling. MMA has gained in popularity since the first Ultimate Fighting Championship won by Royce Gracie. MMA fighters have historically trained in a specific martial art such as Muay Thai boxing or Brazilian jiujitsu before combining the techniques. However, students have begun to train specifically for MMA. In this free video series, a martial arts instructor demonstrates warrior training techniques, strikes and defenses. Leg kicks, roundhouses, punches and combinations are shown, as are tips for blocking, clinching and training on the heavy bag. Conditioning drills are also covered, with some of the included exercises being walking squats, jumping rope and the warrior burst drill.

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