How to Make A California Sushi Roll

Learn tips and advice on how to make your own California sushi rolls in this free video clip series.

Series Summary

Sushi is a Japanese dish involving sticky rice with vinegar, a sheet of seaweed, crab or raw fish and usually some vegetable such as cucumbers or carrots. These things are all rolled into a tube form and sliced for serving. There are many different kinds of rolls from vegetarian rolls to some with multiple kinds of fish and crab in them. The concept of sushi itself came about in the 14th century and since then there have been many advances in styles and ingredients. The California roll itself was created in California of course by immigrant Japanese and is widely responsible for sushi’s world popularity today.

In this free video clip series our expert will walk you through all the ingredients and every step needed to make your own California rolls. You will learn everything from how to properly steam the rice to make it sticky to how to properly roll the sushi and present it professionally. This is a great series not only for anyone wanting to learn how this art is done but also for any chef interested in incorporating it into their repertoire. Nothing smells fishy here. It just looks delicious!

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