Sign Language Alphabet & Numbers

The American Sign Language alphabet and numbers are fun and easy to learn. Find out the sign language symbols for letters and numbers in this free video on American Sign Language from a signing expert.

Series Summary

Sign language, an often overlooked language, is incredibly beneficial to know and fun to learn. American Sign Language is very easy to learn for native English speakers and requires only a modicum of dedication, but the benefits of knowing sign language are immense. Imagine being able to communicate with someone who is often ignored because they cannot hear or speak the same language as those around them. Those who are hearing impaired deal with this on a daily basis. Imagine what an impact it could make their lives to have one more person connect with them by speaking their language. Most likely that will come naturally for people who know how to sign. This sign language series includes basic lessons from a sign language expert. Learn how to sign the entire alphabet as well as numbers from 1 to 1,000,000. Watch as the expert demonstrates how to form each letter and number, then discusses practice techniques and ways to avoid hand strain. Sign language is a fascinating way to communicate!

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