Seafood Newburg with Saffron Rice Recipe

Learn how to cook Seafood Newburg with Saffron rice in this free video series. Easy online recipes from a master chef.

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There is nothing like preparing fresh seafood. Seafood has generally been worked into our subconscious as the dish of any special occasion. Because of the effort that it takes to select and make fresh seafood, most of us don't spend the time creating fantastic seafood dishes everyday. And, for those of us that do not cook seafood often, we may be a little reserved to take on the responsibility. Let's face it- some seafood has a bad wrap. We may be cautious to cook seafood because of the dangerous superstitious surrounding it. We have all heard of the potential threat of mercury in seafood, but there are other concerns as well. Will seafood make you ill? How can you protect yourself against bacteria and viruses in seafood? What other toxins can be found in seafood? Well, if these concerns have limited your seafood intake, it might be well worth understanding how to safely prepare your seafood dishes.

In this free video series, watch as Elite chef Donn Ovshak teaches how to cook Seafood Newburg with saffron rice. Learn how to prepare the herbs, vegetables, seafood, rice, and sauce, cook them, and combine them into a beautiful seafood delicacy. This recipe is great for any occasion, so let the experts at ExpertVillage teach you how to cook seafood like a pro!

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