Secrets to Longevity

Promote a long life by understanding the secrets to longevity. Discover how to improve longevity by improving emotional health, nutrition and heart health in this free video from a science and health researcher.

Series Summary

It seems like a simple premise: a healthy lifestyle will promote a longer life. However, for many years individuals have received mixed messages as to what constitutes a healthy human lifestyle. With the help of numerous scientific studies, humans are understanding how the body works better than ever. Take the last 100 years. In 1900, the average life expectancy for Americans was 49 years old. Over the past century, it has jumped to 76! This increase is a culmination of improvements that include health care, nutrition and the overall standard of living for most Americans. Thankfully, scientist are still researching how human beings can increase their longevity, and the results are being implemented by more and more individuals. In this free video series, learn some secrets to longevity. Rebecca Sato, a science and health researcher, shares some simple tips to promote the healthy lifestyle that is fundamental to longevity. Learn how to exercise and eat for longevity. Also, discover how emotional health affects longevity. Curious about herbal supplements and medications? Find out how these can impact longevity as well. Using these simple secrets, reach old age healthy. So, take a moment, and learn some simple longevity secrets today!

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