Belly Dancing: Layered Shimmies

Layered shimmies in belly dancing create unique and interesting combinations to any dance routine. Practice several layered shimmies with this free belly dancing video series.

Series Summary

What does belly dancing bring to mind? Hootchy-kootchy? Shimmy and shake? With a debated origin, modern belly dancing has been adapted from several different historic folk dances. The term itself is westernized, but generally refers to a traditional Middle Eastern dance form. Known as raqs sharqi in Arabic, belly dancing is based on one of the oldest social dances in the world, though its modern theatrics and costume are merely adaptations. In addition to its entertainment value, belly dancing actually possesses some physical and mental health benefits. Dancing in general is not only a good cardiovascular workout, but it also emphasizes muscular isolations. Originally developed for the female body, it is an art that has been perfected for thousands of years. A belly dancing shimmy can be layered with arm movements, hip rotations and footwork. In this free belly dancing video series, a dance director demonstrates layered shimmies. Learn to add figure-8 hip movements, including a forward, backward, upward and downward figure-8. Practice combining shoulder rolls and arm positions with belly dancing shimmies, as well as hip slides and chest lifts. With infinite combinations, layered shimmies add flair and pizazz to every belly dancing routine.

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