First Aid for Minor Injuries

Insect bites, jellyfish stings and stubbed toes are rarely emergency situations, and first aid treatments can help relieve these minor injuries. Learn how to care for minor injuries with first aid in this free video series from a fire captain.

Series Summary

The term “first aid” refers to the immediate care that is provided to an injured or sick person. It is used to stabilize a patient until further medical treatment and assessment can be provided at a hospital or care facility. For most of us, a first aid kit is used primarily to treat minor medical emergencies, like small cuts or burns. But it is important to keep a first aid kit stocked with supplies you use regularly as well as those items you might use for a more serious situation until EMS can help. In addition to a first aid kit, knowing what to do in emergency situations is a key part of treating injuries. Knowledge of how to roll an injured person to safety or help a person having an epileptic seizure may not be included in a first aid kit, but might just save a life. In this free video series, let a fire captain demonstrate some basic first aid treatments. Captain Joe Bruni has more than 30 years experience treating major and minor injuries. Here, he explains how to treat insect bites and stings. Also, learn how to relieve the pain from stubbed toes and bruised nails. Find out about how to overcome needle phobias and cigarette smoking. Captain Bruni gives tips for treating jellyfish stings as well. So, improve first aid knowledge today!

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