Hammond B3 Minor Chords

Hammond organs are very much used by churches and places of a more serious tone because of it's reverent tone. Form and play minor piano chords on a Hammond B3 from an experienced musician in this free music theory video.

Series Summary

The Hammond B3 organ was released to the public in 1934 as a cheaper alternative to expensive pipe organs for churches and places of worship. it make music readily available to more communities at a cheaper price and was much easier to move if needed. There are still thousands of Hammond B3 organs being used today even though the last Hammond was made in the mid 1970's their purpose, tone and quality have not lost their luster and continue to be a very recognizable sound in music today. When forming chords a Hammond organ is just like any other with white and black keys so knowing how to play piano means forming chords on a Hammond will come as no challenge. For those that have no idea what an Ab or Cm7 are this video series is for you! A seasoned and experienced expert is here to show how to form some complex chords and intervals. Minors, tensions and inversions are only a few of the topics that he will cover but learn these video tips and there will be nothing you can't play!

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