First Trimester Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy does not mean inactivity and parental yoga is an exercise that can be done through the third trimester. Watch and learn several yoga positions geared toward pregnant women in the first trimester in these free videos on pregnancy fitness and health.

Series Summary

Today specialized yoga classes include yoga addressing special needs or interests of those who practice. Pregnant women have created a demand for prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga focuses on poses and workouts that are good for the pregnancy and the woman. While there are many poses that are not good for pregnant women, many poses exist which expectant mothers can utilize to help stay in shape and help their pregnancy. If you are pregnant it is good to talk to an instructor to decide which poses are best for you. Pposes will be limited as the pregnancy progresses due to the enlarged belly. This video series explores different yoga poses for pregnant women in the first trimester. The triangle pose, bridge pose, camel pose and child's pose are just a few of the intense, yet gentle, poses and exercises this experienced yoga instructor covers step-by-step. Safety is of the utmost importance and doing these various poses along with walking or some form of cardio, will help keep mother and baby fit throughout the pregnancy.

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