Chakra Symbols & Meanings

Chakras represent a connection of spiritual energy between the human body and the mind. Discover information on chakra symbols and meanings with tips on alternative medicine from a spiritual healer in this free video series on alternative healing and chakras.

Series Summary

A chakra is a center of activity that receives and expresses life force energy, and the word literally translates as wheel or disk. In spiritual practices from traditional Chinese medicine to massage, the chakra represents an important part of the way in which spiritual energy connects the body and the mind. There are seven chakras in the body starting at the base of the spinal column and moving upward to top of the skull, with each chakra considered a point of metaphysical energy. In this free alternative medicine video series, a spiritual healer and expert on chakras offers information on chakra symbols and meanings. Learn about the location of each chakra and get tips on identifying problems with each chakra. Discover information on how to use chakra stones and chakra symbols. Learn about basic body and spiritual energy and how to clean and stimulate chakras with energy, food, stones and other devices. Clear the chakras in the body with the helpful information from this free video guide to spirituality.

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