Snowboarding Tips

Snowboarding tips for beginner snowboarders such as how to do a J-Turn and falling leaf are helpful to get started snowboarding. Get tips for snowboarding from a sponsored snowboarder in this free video series on snowboarding.

Series Summary

Snowboarding is an extreme sport with similarities to both surfing and skateboarding, though generally snowboarding is much faster. Snowboarding requires snowboard lessons, practice, and thick skin, as falling is inevitable. Learning how to snowboard can be difficult, but it is much easier to learn with lessons from an experienced snowboarder. Learn how to snowboard with the snowboarding tips in this free video series featuring snowboarder Melissa Evans. Evans teaches snowboarding safety tips, how to determine whether you are goofy foot or regular foot, how to strap into snowboard bindings, how to straight-line on a snowboard, how to do a falling leaf on a snowboard, how to do a J-Turn on a snowboard, how to carve on a snowboard and how to balance on a snowboard.

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