Logic 8: Creating Beats With UltraBeat

Create your own music and beats with Ultrabeat using Logic 8. Learn how to make music beat by beat in this free music software video series from a music studio owner and producer.

Series Summary

Are you a songwriter? Do you love to play music? Are you in a band? Well, there are a number of ways for you to get your songs recorded and out in the marketplace—or even just to make copies for you and your friends. In the past, musicians polished their material over and over, until it was radio-worthy. Then they went into a professional studio to cut a demo or an album. Fast forward a few years and you had the explosion of small home recording devices that could be purchased for a reasonable price. Now, in the next generation of the home recording saga, we have stepped into the Digital Age with both feet. Anyone with a computer, a bit of recording software, a USB interface, an instrument, and some patient ingenuity can make a recording that would border on professional quality. Is making beats in your blood? Do you have a dream to be the next Dr. Dre? Well that dream begins with Ultrabeat using Logic 8. In this free music software video series, get instructions by a music studio owner and producer how to make phat beats. He'll explain beat by bye starting with the drums, snare, clap and various kicks. Next move on to putting down some hi-hats, percussion, cymbals, rim shots and open hats. Finally, complete the beat with shakers and snaps. Soon you'll be dropping dope beats with help from our expert.

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