Kiatsu Head & Neck Pain Treatment

Kiatsu for head and neck pain uses a series of pressure points along the lines of the body. Learn how to administer this alternative medicine with expert tips in this free healing arts video series.

Series Summary

Aikido was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by Marihei Ueshiba by blending traditional martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Known as “the way of harmonious spirit,” Aikido teaches to defend oneself while protecting the attacker from injury. Redirecting the force of the attack instead of direct opposition reflects Ueshiba’s vision of universal peace and reconciliation. The healing branch of aikido is called kiatsu. Kiatsu uses pressure to pass energy through the body. In this free healing arts video series, a kiatsu expert demonstrates several techniques to treat head and neck pain. Learn how to identify kiatsu lines across the body, what kind of pressure is beneficial and how to communicate with the person receiving the treatment. Find out ways to treat injuries and pain by removing stress and strain. Kiatsu can benefit anyone because it improves circulation, reduces tension, and enhances overall health.

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