Color Theory: Mixing Paint Colors

Color selection is an important part of art. Learn how to plan the colors for your next work of art in this free art lesson series from an art instructor.

Series Summary

Recurring evidence suggests that many more people claim to be color blind than actually suffer from this disorder. In most cases, these pretenders are not seeking medical treatment or insurance benefits, they are simply attempting to excuse an appalling lack of taste. For the purpose of stereotyping such unfortunates, their affliction shall henceforth be known as color ignorance. This torment first manifests itself to the rest of the world when kids decide they want to pick out their own clothes. At this point, they may already be at a critical juncture in their development. If left unchecked, this problem could come back to haunt the parents in the form of a purple and green guest room once these wayward deficients become homeowners. Catch your kids early on and give them an understanding that will benefit them later in life, especially if they choose careers as designers or decorators. Or even if they are simply picking out an outfit or painting their house. For those of us who have already passed this point in early development, who have become adults with little understanding of color theory, there is still hope: watch this video series and find out the basics of color. In this free art education series, you will learn about color, how different colors interact as well as how to mix colors for watercolor and acrylic paints. An art instructor will discuss hue, color temperature and other theories which will be helpful when you create your next work of art.

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