Basic HTML for Web Design

Web design with HTML takes practice but helps anyone create a personal web page from scratch. Code paragraphs, text, tables and lists on an HTML website with a professional designer in this free web design video.

Series Summary

Designing a website with a professional program like Dreamweaver can be a daunting task. Even programs designed for the casual user such as Microsoft's FrontPage can be difficult to use, with tricky instructions and features that can be hard to figure out. Programming a web page from scratch, however, with a web design scripting language is the hardest yet, but getting a fully customized and optimized website often requires creating the page from the bottom. In this free web design video series, artist and web designer Bobbi Lindaman teaches basic HTML for designing a custom web page. Lindaman covers how to design a simple web page with texts, lists, tables, headers and bullet points. These videos offer visual instruction on using HTML tags and scripting a web page from scratch. Changing text colors, fonts and sizes in HTML will never be easier. Setting up background images, transparent GIFs and tiled pictures can customize the most basic of web designs.

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