DJ Tips: Transitioning

Song transitions are a crucial part of a DJ set. Learn how to go from one song to the next with a seamless segues in this free DJ tutorial from an experienced disc jockey.

Series Summary

Have you ever found yourself in the club—moving to the music, making eye contact with other young, hip people around you—and wondered how the DJ does it night after night? Entertaining a crowd of music-conscious party animals is not an easy thing to do; just a few false moves and you’re out of favor…and out of a job. A DJ’s job is to keep that beat seamless and uninterrupted all night long. You can tell a master turntable artist not by his highly technical scratching skills, but rather by how well he mixes beats and songs together, creating the perfect playlist for a night out on the town. In order to keep the party going, you have to keep the music flowing. Part of this skill is to get from one record to another without losing the interest of the crowd. In this free DJ lesson, you will learn several ways to segue between songs. Try playing a bit of strange space or ambient music between songs to keep the audience guessing. Why not stop the music altogether? Or perhaps a bit a scratching will catch their ear. Whatever you try, remember that club crowds as well as radio audiences appreciate creativity.

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