Banjo Chords & Techniques

The banjo is a stringed musical instrument that's been adapted from several African instruments. Learn more about the banjo and chord positions with expert tips in this free video series.

Series Summary

The banjo is a stringed instrument, much like a guitar, that comes in four and five-string versions. Believed to be of African origin, the banjo has a distinctive sound and is now commonly associated with bluegrass and country music. Banjars (similar instruments that were made from gourds) were played in the historic American south by African Americans. Present day banjos come in electric or acoustic form, and are sometimes equipped with resonators and pickups. The instrument is played by finger-plucking the strings that stretch from the base to the neck of the instrument. In this free video series Josh Paul will talk about the banjo as well as how to construct major and dominant chord positions. Josh will begin by explaining the intricacies and importance of playing with the left hand on the banjo. You'll then learn about eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Josh will then teach you several positions on the banjo for constructing major and dominant chords. Learning to use a slide, hammer-on the strings as well as pulling off will help increase your banjo playing versatility. Watch these few short videos and learn to play the banjo today.

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