Film Developing: Advanced Paper & Chemicals

Save money and get the exposure you want by printing your own photos in the darkroom. Learn more about advanced paper and chemicals in this free darkroom photography lesson from a professional photographer.

Series Summary

As digital photography takes over, traditional film processing is gradually being phased out. No longer do people get the thrill of watching a photo develop right before your eyes in a darkroom. They just pull them up on a computer and there they are. But photographs printed the old-fashioned way are somehow still magical. The tones, especially for black and white photos, are much richer than those from digital images. This is the reason why traditional printing continues to have a stronghold in the art world. A job well done in the darkroom can't be beat! In this series of free photography videos from our experienced photo printer, you will learn how to use advanced papers and chemicals to give your photos a professional look. A professional photographer will show you how to use Ultra Black paper to get rich black tones. You will also learn about the differences in Afga, Forte, T-MAX and Ilford paper. Should you buy chemicals in bulk to save money or will they go bad before you have a chance to use them? How often should you clean your darkroom trays? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this informative series.

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