How to Overcome a Phobia

Cope with phobias and fears to live a full and secure life. Find ways to overcome phobias from a social worker in this free mental health video series.

Series Summary

Phobias, irrational fears or aversions, strike many people across the globe. Fear, one of the primal human affects, a phenomenon that forever conflates the mind and body. Spiders. Slasher flicks. Public speaking. Large bodies of water. They come in all shapes and severities, and fears can be quite crippling to a person, hindering both social and professional advancement and fulfillment. Fear grips a person, convincing the body that something dangerous is eminent, triggering hormones and chemicals to be pumped through the bloodstream like fire down an oil well. In this free self help video series, social worker Danielle Masuda offers tips for overcoming phobias. Masuda details common phobias, diagnosing and screening practices, accepted causes of phobias, and other background information. Masuda also covers popular treatments for phobias, including medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitizing therapy. This video series also includes parenting tips on noticing a child's phobias and dealing with a child who suffers from irrational fear.

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