Calligraphy Punctuation & Spacing

Calligraphy makes an art from out of writing styles. Learn tips on the calligraphy alphabet and punctuation and spacing tips from an expert in this free online video series.

Series Summary

Calligraphy is the art of stylistic writing. It is also known as the practice of giving an artistic form to letters and signs. It is considered a skill and is often taught in art classes or craft seminars. The skill set learned in calligraphy classes ranges from practical usage to artistic interpretation. In the latter form, function takes a backseat to artistic expression. Practical uses for calligraphy include fancy invitations, font design, logo design, maps, and documentation of other sorts. Depending on the area you are in, different types of calligraphy include East Asian character calligraphy, Indian calligraphy, Persian calligraphy, Islamic calligraphy, or Western calligraphy. There are many different tools used in calligraphy but the two most important are the paper and the pen. In this series of instructional videos, you will learn more about the art of calligraphy. Our expert explains the history and demonstrates Western calligraphy. You will learn more about the resurgence in popularity and the functionality of this style of writing. Watch as our expert demonstrates each letter, number, and symbol used in common calligraphy. Get instructions for changing colors of ink during a calligraphy project. See examples of upper and lowercase letters written in this style of calligraphy. See different examples of calligraphy styles and get ideas for projects. Get recommendations on types of paper and pens or markers used for creating beautiful calligraphy pieces in these expert videos.

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