Advanced Belly Dancing Moves

Learn advanced belly dancing moves such as the Horizontal and Vertical Figure 8, the Camel, the Egyptian Twist, and the Chu-chu Shimmy, in this free video series of dance lessons.

Series Summary

The various strains and versions of Middle Eastern Dance have become commonly referred to as Belly Dancing in the West, despite the multiple origins and cultural mysteries. It is generally accepted that the tribal and religious dances that we recognize as belly dancing originated in Egypt, though it's also true that Turkey and the Roma people practiced versions as well. Today, belly dancing is performed in the Western world as a form of entertainment, exercise and as a hobby. In this series of free video clip lessons, our expert will demonstrate various techniques of advanced belly dancing. She will present video clips explaining and performing moves such as the Camel, the Egyptian Twist, the Horizontal and Vertical Figure 8, and the Triplet, and she will give tips on costumes.

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