How to Use Hu Techniques

Hu is a word and system used in New Age religious movements drawing from Egyptian mythology and Sufi linguistics. Learn to use Hu to cure anxiety, nightmares, insomnia and other stress from dream consultants in this free video series.

Series Summary

You know the feeling: dragging yourself out of bed to go to work after yet another night when you just plain did not get enough sleep. If you stayed out until the wee hours and have to go to work at seven in the morning, your know the solution to the problem. Don't stay out so late and you'll do fine. But there are those of us who go to bed at a reasonable hour and still can't get any sleep no matter how hard we try. If this is the case, perhaps you are a true insomniac, or maybe you just need Hu, a word from Ancient Egypt used similarly to the Greek's "logos" and also, though coincidentally, a pronoun in Sufism used as a name for God. In this free New Age video series, dream consultants Michael and Nicole Sebastian show you how to use the Hu technique for peace and spiritual wellbeing. You will learn the history of using the sound "Hu" as the expression of ultimate reality, its place in the Eckankar New Age religious movement, and how the language of quantum physics can be used to explain what the Hu does in practice. Michael and Nicole offer their spiritual insight with the Hu technique, giving you a tool for making life better and never getting burned or duped again.

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