Mixing Popular Rum Drinks

The most popular rum drinks liven up any party. Be the life of the party by learning to mix eight rum cocktails in this free drink mixing video series.

Series Summary

Alcohol has been a cultural staple of the West for thousands of years. As many as six and a half thousand years ago, wine was a large part of Greek culture and religion. Beer is probably equally as old, being brewed by royalty and peasants since the birth of European civilization. Monasteries were early producers and distributors of beer during the Dark Ages. By the 8th and 9th centuries, Muslim alchemists had produced distilled alcohols and “spirits” that became popular beverages. The American tradition of alcohol is centered on the bar, known in England and English-speaking countries as a Public House, or pub. The bar is a focal point of social life and the various mating rituals of American adults. Rum is a tropical liquor that mixes easily with fruits and herbs. In this free drink mixing video series, an expert bartender demonstrates mixing the eight most popular rum drinks. Learn the history of rum, as well as where it is produced and distilled. Then, learn to mix such concoctions as daiquiris, Hurricanes, and Mai Thais. The party never ends with these festive rum cocktails.

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