How to Make Almond and Chocolate Cookies

Learn how to bake gourmet cookies in these free baking recipe videos from our expert dessert chef.

Series Summary

Recent surveys indicate that nine out of ten people would like cookies which taste better. Suspicions indicate that the ten percent of dissenters are either bitter and resentful dieters or misunderstood the question altogether. You may think that gourmet is a word that only applies to seafood in fancy sauces or small portions in artistic arrangements, but cookies can fall into this category as well. These deluxe cookies are simply richer and have more flavor, be they almond cookies with delicious icing or chocolate cookies with three times the chocolate. Why settle for run-of-the-mill desserts when you can go gourmet with Expert Village!

In this series of free baking videos, our dessert chef to the jet set in Beverly Hills describes her recipes for almond and triple chocolate cookies and takes you through the creation of both. She shows you all of the ingredients you need, how to mix them and how to mold them into some of the best cookies you will ever taste. So watch these videos, cook the cookies, and imagine yourself eating the same treats as celebrities who have just gone shopping on Rodeo Drive!

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