Photoshop Textures

Photoshop is a great computer software program designed to help people manipulate images and text. Learn a few easy steps for creating cloth, rock and wood textures from a Photoshop expert in this free video series.

Series Summary

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for photo editing today. It is a program that allows the user to be very hands on with images and manipulate the characteristics of the picture in whatever way they feel is suitable. It gives the user the ability to add specific features only available through the program to their images. Photoshop is also now being used to create images from scratch at a design level. The impact of this is that anyone with a computer is now able to design and create as they see fit. It is no longer reserved to the established and wealthy designers. In this free video series a Photoshop expert, Robert Segundo, will show you how to create cloth, rock and wood texture images using Photoshop. Robert will begin by showing you how to create a cloth texture image using various cloth effects and layering tips. You'll then learn to create rock texture images using lighting effects, cloud variations and various Photoshop touch up features. Robert will end the series by showing you how to create wood texture images using the liquefy effect and color blending features of Photoshop. In the end you'll know how to navigate and create different texture images using Photoshop.

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