Forward Approach In Diving

The diving approach is an important part of executing proper diving technique. Learn some tips for diving the right way from a professional instructor in this free video series.

Series Summary

Diving is an interesting and sometimes death defying sport. Using acrobatics and technique, divers leap from varying heights with the intention of gracefully hitting the water. This test is typically judged by a lack of water displacement at entry, in which the diver would rise out of the water and be rewarded with thunderous applause. It's true that divers share the pool. However, they are reluctant to call themselves swimmers. Flying into the water with poise and nerves of steel is what tempts these thrill seekers and nay Sayers of gravity. Furthermore, they showcase their talents annually at the summer Olympic Games every four years in order to determine true champions. Competing in this sport takes guts and an overwhelming tendency to defy fear. In this free video series professional diving instructor Bobby Larew demonstrates the five-step diving approach. Find out the correct posture for the beginning and end of the approach, as well as the right arm movement and correct way to walk when approaching a dive. Watch this free video and become a better diver and improve diving scores.

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